Nokia concludes a report which shows Trojan banking attacks are now vastly targeting mobile users

Scamming, Hacking, Malware, Trojans, are some common words you come across in your life. However, if you haven’t been a victim of any of the following, you won’t realize the massive impact it has on a society and a user.

Scamming ad Hacking has long been used to lure users into a trap which eventually will lead them to some great loss in their life in term of data or money.

Something similar has been happening a lot in the past few years and this year its statistics rose to about 80 percent year after year. We are talking about banking Trojan.

Banking Trojan is the ability of hackers to get access to a user’s account information and steal whatever amount they find, after mimicking themselves to the system as the rightful owner.

This has been going for a long time now and Nokia conducted a Threat intelligence report on this particular domain. It showed that in 2021, this Trojan attacked increased massively. The report showed that Latin America and Europe were the two most top regions that were targeted with this Trojan.

The Trojan target mobile banking particularly and stole bank credentials and passwords, by sending scam messages etc. Users fall into the trap and give up their confidential information easily losing their account access. Apart from this, they can steal your passwords without even you knowing or without even luring you into a trap.

The survey statistics showed that the between 80 percent of consumers which were targeted, most happened to be Android users compared to Apple because of Android more open source code approach. 72.21 percent of the targeted users were Android phone owner while 26.92 percent were Apple users.

Hence, banks and companies want users to be really aware and alert of their surroundings and what is happening on their social apps and bank systems. Apart from this, users are suggested to keep strong passwords which are hard to detect, opt for multi factor authentication and other means to protect their accounts. They were also encouraged to user private Wifi’s when checking online banking.

Hacking has become so common and with evolving technology, hacking techniques have improved to. The only way to stay safe is by using an open mind when users come across something which seems suspicious.

Photo: Jakarin2521 / Simon2579 / Getty Images

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