Apple this week seeded the second beta of its upcoming 15.2 beta - Let’s see what’s new

First announced in August, Apple is now releasing the second developer beta of iOS 15.2. The notable new features include support for communication safety in the Messages app. Continue reading to know more about the changes Apple has brought to iOS 15.2.

Apple, in its official statement in August, promised to roll out 3 new features: CSAM detection for iCloud Photos, an updated version of Siri, and search for better and safe communication with the Messages App. However, we are disappointed that while ignoring the other two features, Apple seems to emphasize more on the safety of communication. For users, it’s such a disappointment that even after delaying the rollout period from August to November, Apple failed to provide what it promised. There is no official news on when the controversial CSAM detection feature will be released, however, the company claims that the updates will be out later this year.

The new communication feature effective on the messages app will work by warning children by sending and receiving photos that include nudity. While the feature is not available to be enabled by default, the parents or guardians of children can choose to opt for this feature for them through family sharing. If the child receives a photo including nudity, it will be blurred. The child will have the option to go ahead and see the photo after Apple has warned him by sending resources that can help them and prevent them from seeing such pictures in the future. Similar rules apply to incase a child is the one sending pictures promoting vulgarity.

After the much criticism and disagreement Apple faced from its official announcement about the upcoming features, it made some changes to it. Initially, Apple tested such a feature that included notifying the parents of children under 13, if they were involved in sending and receiving nude content.

The feedback on the previous feature compelled Apple to give the children more authority and freedom to expose themselves to vulgarity. Apple also says that now the children of any age group are provided with the option of texting someone they trust and feel comfortable with, only if they want to, which is known as “legacy contact.”. The “legacy contact” will have access to your data, even after your death. Allowing more children to use the messaging app, Apple made it clear that this decision and the decision of viewing the image are two separate things.

It's important to note that for privacy and security concerns, Messages App holds the authority to analyze the image attachments, to ensure the App is a safe platform for young users. The chats on the App are end-to-end encrypted.

H/T: 9to5Mac.

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