Apple will now be launching updates throughout holiday seasons too, as opposed to its previous strategy

Apple, one of the leading mobile companies in the world, surely does have a busy year. With new updates, new devices and new phones making appearances throughout the year, the company has to be active all the time. However, one time of the year which they do make sure to take a break on is Christmas, and after a good Christmas and New year’s break, the company and its employees start the hustle again.

However, looks like Apple is shifting from this policy too slightly as the company recently announced that it will be accepting app updates during the holidays as well. The company did not really allow updates because during Christmas time, a lot of people gave out gift cards and Apple devices as presents and it was hard for the company to keep up with everyone.

However, the company changed its dynamics and will now be accepting and updating their devices and software’s during Christmas time as well.

However, what Apple wants developers to understand is that the company and its App Store is a home to thousands and thousands of apps around the globe and hence, the volume and quantity of incoming update is massive. Hence, what the company advices developers to be efficient and fast in submitting their updates so that the company can calmly go through them. According to Apple, considering holidays are the busiest time of the year, with a lot going on throughout the world, the incoming of updates from various apps will be a lot. Hence it will take time for the company to go through, verify and approve each update. It can take up to almost End November to End December in approving updates and hence it is better if developers start submitting their updates soon.

Apple doesn’t take decision without thinking through them. While the company had been stuck on not issuing updates during Christmas for so long, there must have been a reason of the sudden shift. It may be because company saw a chance of better earnings during this time for both them and the developers or some other reason altogether.

Apple is doing great in the tech space and the world has benefitted off from a lot of its amazing services.

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