Apple plans on forming ‘Protective Eyewear’ to make privacy conscious people more comfortable when using their iPhones in a crowded space

Apple hasn’t become one of the leading mobile and tech devices company in the world overnight. It happened because the firm is dedicated towards all the features, tools, and devices it launches as well as is the best when it comes to providing privacy and security to its users.

Privacy and Security are two factors on which Apple has never fell short on. It always made sure that the data which its users trustingly provides them remains safe. Now the tech firm is working on something which will not only protect the user data internally, but also will prevent other people in your surrounding peeping in your phone.

Apple issued a patent which was revealed by The US Patent & Trademark Office. According to the Patent office, Apple has stated that they are working on a privacy feature which will let only the user of the particular iPhone see what is going on the screen and prevent others from seeing it.

So how is this possible?

Well, in the patent the company described something as ‘Privacy Eyewear.’ According to Apple, it is planning to work on glasses which will allow users to see the iPhone screen. This means that while using an iPhone, if the users wear that [articular glasses will they be able to see what is going on the screen and all those surrounding them will not be able to see it.

The questions then arise, that will this be present on all iPhones. From the information we have gathered, considering the company has not spoken much about it, this feature is options.

Extreme privacy conscious users can enable this option, wear the glasses and go about using their phones in a public setting. However, from what we believe it will not be necessary for all.

Apple is not stupid enough to launch a feature on default which it knows not a lot of users will opt for.

The feature however, is just something Apple has thought of. Nothing is confirmed and the company hasn’t even started working towards it. We aren’t saying the company isn’t capable of forming a device or technology like this because considering how it has made he AR VR Headsets, we never will question its capability. However, there are big chances that the company never launches these Privacy Eyewear, and it just remains something you read about in this article.

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