YouTube is taking strict actions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Vaccine misinformation with its new updated policy

The Covid-19 pandemic is finally losing its severity thanks to vaccines that have been created against CoronaVirus. With the Vaccination procedure going on globally, there are many people who are spreading misleading knowledge which is stopping people from getting vaccinated.

To counter such actions that can put lives at risk, the video sharing hub YouTube has also announced that the platform will be taking strict actions to stop the spread of any kind of anti-vax moment. According to YouTube, vaccines have always received such backlash from specific groups and this time the platform won’t allow anyone to spread any misinformation in light of their new policies.

The policy strictly states that any video which talks about vaccines for not being safe to the injected body or misleads people with the efficacy or misguide by misrepresenting the ingredients used for the vaccine preparation , will not be tolerated.

If someone posts any such content, the video will be taken down by the moderators and a warning will be issued to the uploader. Later strikes will be sent and if the uploader receives three strikes in 3 months, their YouTube account will be terminated completely.

Back in 2020, YouTube took down over 130,000 videos that were found to be promoting anti Vaccination movement. They introduced policies through which they can control the content being uploaded . These measures were taken to prevent the platform to be used as a source of misinformation.

According to a survey conducted by the renowned University of Oxford and Southampton, those who viewed content related to Corona Virus Vaccine decided not to get vaccinated and urged media houses and governmental bodies to take measures against these vaccines.

While YouTube has been working to protect people from getting misinformation, the platform also came in a conflict where the Russian Government wanted the moderators to restore the terminated accounts of RT media. These accounts were found to be spreading information against the vaccine and were terminated by the company.

YouTube is a global platform and as a result it is not only linked with regional government and their health care system but even the World Health Organization is also using the platform to spread guidance to its users, this is why the company may not be pleasing everyone with its measures but they are taking steps by making more strict regulatory policies so misinformation can be stopped from reaching the general public.

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