YouTube is conducting tests to amalgamate with Google Assistant, to get ideas and recommendation that have been discussed and related to the video

Lately, YouTube has been toiling to introduce some handy features and tools on its platform in order to facilitate its audience with more entertainment with ease. And is working hard to gather an audience by initiating several new options like YouTube shorts, etc.

Among those, the one feature that the company is in the middle of the testing process is the initiative of connecting the Google assistant with YouTube to get a relevant recommendation related to the ideas of the video, as first reported by 9to5G.

This aspect enables a user to explore more while watching videos by recommending them to watch more related to the topic. This will open doors to the new ways of exploring and experiencing at their best by tempting them in the deep ocean of diversity, related to that one specific video.

It is unlike earlier features trial by YouTube. Where one was supposed to locate it on the YouTube labs to detect if it is competent to facilitate one.

For now, there are some latest features available at the moment, that anyone can participate in testing on YouTube.

According to XDA, the recommendations related to the video were not workable for Xiaomi 11T Pro and Google Pixel 5 devices.

The report further said if one wants to examine this feature, one must conduct testing on a smart android phone and must possess the English language mode.

It further revealed that October twenty-seventh, 2021 is the deadline till this feature is functional.

One must keep in mind that a person can have access to one testing feature, that is one single feature that is functional at a time. Using one will make the other one inaccessible.

This feature is quite beneficial. For instance, if one is watching a video and instantly wishes to know more and explore something related to the video. This quick access will make it effortless and easier for the viewer to explore without barriers.

This collaboration between YouTube and Google assistance will provide a straightforward gateway to the new world of diversity.

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