YouTube announces the expansion of its Shorts funding program by adding 30+ new countries

YouTube has announced to expand their program strategy, that is, thirty and more new countries will have access to the YouTube shorts funding program.

In May 2021, YouTube has first announced the initiative of the scheme, regarding the shorts fund, which is to provide funds as a reward to the short video creators, claiming to grant a hundred million dollars to the extremely popular shorts creator. And now, YouTube has announced the expansion of its short funding program with the addition I thirty and more new countries, whose shorts creators would be get paid for their hard work and popularity.

The announcement was made by Neal Mohan, the central product officer of YouTube on his social media account, via Twitter.

The top short-form video creators from the above-mentioned countries will be get paid from hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars based on their creations.

The motive behind this is to encourage the short-form video io makers. This initiative is taken to facilitate the creators with further support and to appreciate their efforts through a handsome amount of money and to encourage them to make more videos to get more payment.

Firstly, YouTube is providing a huge platform to people who want to showcase their talent worldwide on screens. Secondly, now it is facilitating the short video makers with a bonus for their hard work. Although, YouTubers get appreciated by their audiences via views, likes, and comments, and now YouTube itself is appreciating them as well through this shorts funding program, based on their performances.

Whereas the specified criteria for the performance, that is the standards on which basis, they will get the reward have been kept ambiguous.

The standards that will entitle the creator to receive a bonus may alter every time.

There is no one single factor that is considered to make a creator eligible for the bonus, it varies depending on different aspects like, the location of the watchers, the number of views, likes, shares, and comments, and other factors.

Similarly, other social media sites are also taking a keen interest in short videos, as it is an easy, quick, and smart means of entertainment, and people prefer watching short videos rather than long ones as it is less time-consuming and leaves very little chance of boredom.

After the gigantic success of snap spotlight and YouTube shorts, now Facebook has also come up with a similar idea with its reels funding program.

But because of the increasing interest towards the money payments for the leading video makers, the chances of plagiarism and copying have increased. People are now copying popular and trending ideas and concepts to attain more views to get the money. Considering these factors lately, Snapchat owners have announced a reduction in their 1 million dollars per day spotlight funding scheme.

This step is taken to stick the users to YouTube and stimulate them to at least give it a shot rather than turning to any other short-form video-making platforms. The avidity to get the money from the shorts funding will keep them engage in making content.

The owners are expecting to get more favorable outcomes from this new shorts funding program as the shorts are already eliciting 6.5 billion views daily basis.

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