WhatsApp bans groups based on its automated technology which it believes are violating the tech giants’ rules and regulations

WhatsApp is among the top social networking applications, which provides its users a platform to chat online for free. Over the years, the tech giant has accumulated a huge number of users and provides them with some great features. Among such great features, end to end encryption is the most unique one, and is not offered by any other social firm. However, while this feature is in operations, it doesn’t mean WhatsApp is neglectful towards its users.

WhatsApp does provide its users end to end encryption, which means WhatsApp employees or anyone at the Head Quarters cannot read your conversation or access your content within the chat.

However, this doesn't mean WhatsApp isn't considerate about what goes on its application. The tech giant does provide users a sense of security by making sure that their chat and content is limited to them only, however, it for sure knows that being the largest social chat network in the world, anything can be happening on groups that are formed on its platform.

Hence for this, WhatsApp has created an AI technology which helps in detecting any bad activity on a particular group, once reported.

Any group which is reported multiple times by different users for violating the tech giant's policies or a group which contains inappropriate titles, names or any information which may not sit well with the WhatsApp guidelines have the possibility of getting banned.

Once a group is banned, the group participants cannot send any message, cannot read history and cannot even open the group information or read the name of the participants present. However, what WhatsApp for sure knows is that all this machine automated regulated, which means that at times there obviously can be an error.

By error in this context what we mean is that the groups may get banned based on a technical malfunction or wrong pick up by the machine and hence it provides group admins an option to put in a request for reconsideration.

Group admins can send an application for reconsideration and the WhatsApp HQ will look into the matter themselves. If they believe that the ban was indeed an error, the account will be restored, if not then the ban will become permanent.


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