Users can now join ongoing group calls directly through group chats on WhatsApp

None other than WhatsApp, recently updated its calling policy and it’s so cool for everyone out there, all the users are loving this update as its quite feasible for everyone.

Usually when we get a group call on WhatsApp and due to some reasons we are unable to attend that call it appears as a missed call no matter if the other people are still talking, but through this new WhatsApp update its no longer going to be a missed as this update allows the users to join call till its ended by each and every one, cool isn't it.

Not just this but now the group call notification would be visible by the name of the group rather than the name of participants in that group, so one can easily identify which group called them.

The call ringtones were also updated by the app as now they would use a light and calm tone of call similar to that of messages rather than a sharp high pitch call ringtone.

The app is providing updates so that the users can now easily connect with their friends or family without any disturbance, to make the calling process spontaneous this update was launched, just with one click now people would be easily connected to their loved ones, it’s a very effortless and smooth update, said the WhatsApp itself.

Facebook as well as WhatsApp in past few months and even now are bringing such good features to attract the users and they are actually succeeding in their plans as users are just enjoying a lot to play with new updates and are having high curiosity level on thinking about which update would be coming up next.

This new update would be available in all the regions where WhatsApp is available and all the users having WhatsApp installed in their Mobile phones can now enjoy this new feature.

This update is really helpful towards people who never pick up their phones in one ring, also if someone needs to take a few minutes break in between the call for some work or other stuff they can also easily do it now, this joinable feature have made WhatsApp calls more convenient for everyone.

This update was a reality example of that WhatsApp never disappoints its users in terms of update and new features, also the outcome of each and every WhatsApp update is increased number of WhatsApp installs and active users.

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