Twitter’s Daily Active Users Increase By 13 Percent In Q3 2021

There used to be a time when Twitter and Facebook were mentioned in the same breath when referring to social media platforms that were about to take the world by storm, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that Twitter fell by the wayside a little as Facebook soared to new heights in terms of their user base.

However, Twitter has managed to rebuild its reputation at least to a certain extent by looking into capitalizing on Facebook’s growing status as a controversial social media platform that is not to be trusted. Twitter has managed to hold its own despite a few setbacks, and it turns out that the past year has seen the active daily user count on the platform increase by 13% to over 211 million users, as revealed by the company in its Q3 2021 revenue report. That’s over 24 million more than the 187 million daily active users the platform had exactly a year ago.

The thing to note here is that Twitter is growing almost exclusively outside of North America. All five million of the new users that Twitter got in the last quarter came from outside the continent, but investors might be concerned because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up reducing revenue streams due to most of Twitter’s revenue coming from American users and the like.

Also, Twitter’s rate of growth does not seem high enough to attain the goals that the platform has set out for itself. The social media platform remains dogged in its determination and it has carved a niche for itself that is undeniable, but the world of tech can be a very unforgiving place and if a platform stops being profitable it will cease to exist regardless of how many people like it and want it to stay.

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