Twitter will soon allow users to display their NFTs directly on their profiles

Twitter for the longest time has stayed a user favorite applications where they can rant and express themselves in the given number of characters. Over the years, with its rising popularity the social media giant has introduced some pretty great updates and features to it as well. Among such many features, one which as announced very recently was NFT.

Twitter had announced its NFT launch last month, and very recently it announced the in development of the feature. If you don’t know what an NFT is, we will help you know about it in order to understand the story that follows.

NFT basically stands for non-fungible tokens, which is a feature which will allow users to take bitcoin or any digital currency through adding a link in their profiles for it.

It will help users buy anything online which stays online as well through an alternate to cash money, that is digital currency. This comes out as a great chance for digital artists to sell their work more easily online. Users can put their NFT on their Twitter accounts and users’ can pay through it with the satisfaction that the running account is authentic.

However, this new feature does not sit well with a lot of users. This is because well firstly why are people paying hefty amounts in Bitcoins which literally can be equivalent to millions of dollars for some art work which isn’t even that great?

For example, the digital image of a monkey with a helicopter cap and a birthday whistle in his mouth was sold for more than three million dollars. Apart from this, many other painting and graphics were sold which in short were not that great.

However, art is not subjected and everyone has their own taste, so let’s not talk about the quality or if we think it was childish or not.

The real questions stand on the fact that how can someone buy a painting online by paying hefty sums for it and prevent users from copying, sharing or downloading it?

Twitter though is working on this. According to the company, users will only be able to display images of which NFT they have paid, and for those they haven’t bought images will be blurred or white.

While we not understand why people pay millions of dollars for digital paintings it is becoming a trend online and if a good population of people are happy with it who can say much, right?

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