Twitter all set to grow in terms of its new features as new updates roll out

Twitter happens to be the place where a lot of users feel comfortable. This is because the tech giant gives users the platform to rant or express their feelings about something in a given number of characters without the fear of being judged.

However, it has long come forward from the app which was only used for typing a few words and has introduced a lot of new features in the past few years.

Among such features, one happens to be Super follows which is a way for users to earn money through Twitter.

Twitter introduced Super Follows on the application version. This allows users to set up their account on super follows and their followers to subscribe to them with a monthly payment. Subscribing to the user will give their followers access to the content, tweets and other features which a non-subscriber may not have. While this was only available on the app version, the company is planning to introduce it on the web version too, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong. The requirement for accessing super follows is still same. User must have more than 10,000 followers, must have posted more than 25 tweets in the last 30 days and must be older than 18.

Apart from this, the company is bringing a massive advantage to Twitter Blue users. In case you don't know what Twitter Blue is, let us enlighten you. Twitter Blue is a paid subscription introduced by Twitter, which gives users excess to a lot of different features which may not be available for general users on the simpler version of Twitter. Features like organizing saved tweets, reader mode, customizable tweets and Twitter's most requested feature - an undo Tweet button are all present on the Blue.

However, the company is now introducing a feature called 'Twitter Blue Labs' on the platform too. The labs will help Twitter to release its new feature to the paid audience first. The blue users will analyze the newer feature give their feedback and upon that survey the company will decide that whether or not the feature should make its way out for the general public or not.

In case you're not thinking of subscribing to Twitter Blue, we hate to break it to you that it is currently only available in limited regions and users, and works only on iOS. So if you are out of these regions you might have to wait a bit.

The company is also upgrading Spaces. Currently it is hard to find good Spaces session going on the platform and unless you follow a user you really don't know about when one space will be happening in order to schedule your routine around it. The company is though working on it now.

The social giant will be introducing a feature which will highlight the good space conversation going on the application on the top bar soon. While not much has been said on it, we are really excited for this feature to make its way.

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