Twitter is toiling on a blockchain-linked Collectibles tab which will evince user's NFT collection

Twitter is developing a tab that would depict a user’s NFT compilation, and presently, it's at the corner of its release.

The social network initiated to toil on this feature, a month back in September.

A software engineer for the company, Mada Aflak, shared a preliminary glimpse of the trial attempt at the month-end of September, via her tweet.

The tweet's video ascertains how one would be able to fasten or link its crypto wallet from prominent providers, includes, Coinbase and Metamask, and accordingly assign one of its NFTs to utilize as its profile image.

The entire collection of NFTs will be cataloged in a tab, right on the profile, marked as collectibles.

Moreover, the profile image will acquire a little badge that will confirm and ratify the NFT's authenticity, after being assigned.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, in a recent tweet, shared a glance at how it has been evolved. She exhibits a more explicit and progressed version of the feature, compared to the previous one, at the primary stage.

Furthermore, to the Collectibles tab, Wong disclosed that the platform is currently functioning on a stance that consents one to amass an intimate and tight gaze at an NFT.

In addition, the report lets out, one will further be proficient to dab through, to have access to a page that illustrates the precise and brief info regarding the NFT, accommodating details, its designer, and any properties, some input and info related to the collection.

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