Twitter Is Adding A New Feature, Allowing Users To Thread Tweets Together More Efficiently

Twitter is working on building a new Tweet Storm feature that will allow users to craft longer replies to a single tweet.

Twitter has a lot of problems. Sure, the solutions aren't always the most conducive. The social media platform rather infamously spent an entire year working on, reworking on, and beta testing the addition of threaded replies to the interface. However, developers ultimately dropped the feature since it made the app come off as messier and more complicated to navigate. The platform also has many issues with bots, conspiracy theorists running wild, and so on. But if an important issue must be addressed, it might be the length of a single tweet.

Twitter is a microblogging platform first and foremost. This implies, or rather demands, that posts and replies be very short and to the point. However, the social media site has also reached a point in its success that the 280 character limit does become rather limiting. People carry out discourse and debate daily, if not hourly, with each other and that sort of debate requires one to be more verbose. While the microblogging limitations do serve to make the overall conversation tidier and shorter, it's still something that's counterintuitive to just how talkative Twitter is. Reddit is another application that relies a lot on discourse and engagement, but manages to effectively pull it off without limiting characters.

Twitter Storm may not lead to the increasing of characters on Twitter, but it does make carrying out longer conversations easier. The feature was pointed out by social media app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who posted a screenshot with the feature at hand. Twitter Storm has a dedicated button that allows users to more easily create tweet threads, which also allows for longer messages to be written more effectively. Tweets don't need to be written, posted, and then replied to in order to get the whole point across. They can now be written one after the other in quick succession.

The Twitter Storm feature is accessed via a new button added to the bottom right part of the platform's interface, or so the screenshot indicates. At any rate, this feature is at best under A/B beta testing as we speak. It may take a while for the Storm to make it's way across all regions. If it manages to do so at all, as threaded replies should serve as enough warning.

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