TikTok reveals data on how its Community Commerce approach has been beneficial for brands and their marketing

While online shopping was present pre Covid as well, the occurrence of the pandemic has brought up a rise in the number of people who now shop online. With a year of being at home and the world closing down, people have approached online shopping the most and hence the idea has become quite common.

Hence, with fall approaching many brands are trying to market their products and websites through social platform, because let’s be honest, that is the place where people actually spend the most time online.

In between all this marketing strategies, marketers are also now opting for TikTok as a means to display their products. While previously TikTok did not offer brands any option to represent their products, and still doesn’t have any space for advertisements, the platform has come up with an even more interesting approach.

TikTok has introduced a technique called ‘Community Commerce.’ The basic idea behind this trend is that brands make creative content in form of short videos in order to display their products. However, while brands can create videos themselves too, their best bet is to pay creators who are already established on the platform to use and review their product.

The approach by TikTok has proven very beneficial for brands and TikTok has recently revealed some statistics which showed that brands which used this technique on their platform, managed to make some great sales off it. According to TikTok, this is because users who watch creators on the platform review a product, find it more reliable to buy.

Hence TikTok published the statistics which showed that over the past years, brands sale through its platform in many countries had relatively increased by a huge margin. The survey had 2230 consumers from TikTok that varied across 11 markets.

Furthermore, TikTok has mentioned that they will be diving more into the world of ecommerce through their application. Ecommerce is a growing industry and it holds a great potential in the future, hence many social platforms are diverting its attention their and so is TikTok.

TikTok has worked on massive things when it comes to ecommerce, like providing creators an option to tag products, tapping on which will lead viewers directly to sites where that particular thing can be bought etc. According to the company, it now has even more plans for the future.

So if everything goes well for the entertainment platform, it will not only be the application leading the charts, but also a place the ecommerce industry will look up to in order to do some good marketing.
Source: Data Shows Americans Still Trust Tech Companies Despite Privacy Violations
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