5G Technology & How Effectively Its Being Implemented Across The Globe

5G technology has recently been introduced in full force, and is steadily being implemented across the globe. In light of this, Opensignal conducted a study to gauge where the data connection is most widely available.

5G came into the public gaze with perhaps the weirdest response that followed. With the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant during widespread coverage of the new mobile broadband standard, both events sort of coalesced into a very jarring series of conspiracy theories. Individuals over the internet were ranting and raving about how 5G towers were being used to spread the virus, or how they were being used as a method of mind control to subject the masses towards the likes of anywhere from Bill Gates to Joe Biden. A very startling beginning, to be sure, but we must press on. 5G has only just started gaining a good sense of traction, and already plans are being made to start installing 6G as a new system of broadband. Truly, technological process is on a trajectory of exponential growth.

South Korea and the United States are leading the charges for massive 5G growth and integration, with these two countries also having applications for 6G towers being issued. However, numbers must not be conflated with effectivity. As it turns out, users in South Korea were only connected to the 5G network 28.1% of the time, which is very low considering how much everyone relies on the internet. In the USA, 5G connections were only sustainable for one fifth of the time that mobile broadband was being used. The countries with the most effective 5G coverage are also countries with the most effective 4G coverage, which is a major problem for developing countries looking to get in on the action.

4G technology was launched all the way back in 2009. 5G's first notable implementation was in 2019, a literal decade later. While companies and tech corporations seem very eager to be a part of the next big wave with 6G, everyone should probably learn to manage their expectations. 5G implementation is nowhere near to being accessible in an effective manner. Until that step gets fully taken and 5G technology sees itself being used as frequently as 4G did in its peak, 6G is quite some time away. There will always be room for growth, and 5G is new technology. It needs time to adjust and grow.
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