TikTok is rolling out its automated captions in more regions which will generate text for spoken words

TikTok has been leading the entertainment charts consistently since its launched. The short video creating application gives users a freedom of expressive themselves through their content and on the other hand gives the viewers a whole lot of different content to keep themselves entertained.

The tech giant has accomplished a pretty big mile stone recently and now holds 1 billion monthly active users on the platform. This is huge considering that TikTok’s main country of use was India, but the platform got banned within the region last year due to some circumstances.

TikTok though faced a lot of hurdles on its journey, it has not stopped the tech giant from trying to become better each day. In order to keep its platform in the very top, the tech giant introduced new and unique tools and features which will be beneficial for their users.

This time too, the tech giant has come up with a feature which is in accordance to users’ convenience and will make their time on the application worthwhile.

The social giant recently introduced an auto caption generating feature on their platform and now it's rolling out in more regions for English content. This will now give creators a chance to let captions flow with their videos.

When creators are uploading a video, they can tap on the auto captions icon, which will convert your speech into text form when the video is uploaded. The tech giant gives users a chance to edit their captions later as well, because considering the conversion of speech into text will be machine generated their still can be some errors. So once a video us uploaded, users can check their captions and change what they want to.

While this feature is made for the ease of viewers so that they can grasp the verbal speech in the content, sometimes users may not like such kind off features. In respect to this, the tech giant provides an option to turn off the subtitles through the share panel. Tapping on the caption button will enable it to deactivate. If required, it can be reactivated later.

The feature is available in English subtitles only right now, however, its success will determine how quickly the tech giant will offer the automated captions in other languages as well.

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