TikTok is exploring the Non-Fungible Tokens with its viral moment collection

Many companies and social media platforms, such as Twitter are now taking more interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Now, it is the time for TikTok to jump into the sea of crypto by introducing the collection of Non-Fungible Tokens of top moments. It is actually stimulated by the platform’s best creators and it will further use NFT as an instrument to empower content creators. This looks like the platform NFTs is trying to provide an opportunity for its creators so that they can get gratitude and recompenses for their video content.

The viral moments of the platform will be available for trade as digital figurines on the ETH Block chain via Immutable X. This Immutable X is actually a coating 2 for digital assets on Ethereum that supports the inexpensive transaction. TikTok’s popular video series will present 6 culturally noteworthy videos from celebs and content creators on the platform, such as Lil Nas X, Curtis Roach, and many more. The content creators on the platform will collaborate with recognized Non-fungible Tokens makers, such as x0r, RTFKT, C0IN ARTIST, and others for a limited edition. The sale proceeds from Non-Fungible Tokens will majorly go to the creators’ account and artists who are engaged in it. However, the amount received from the sale of Brittany Borski will be used for charitable purposes.

This initial unveiling will be a Lil Nas X Non-fungible Tokens and it will happen on the 6th of Oct on the devoted ‘drop site’. This drop site will be assisted as the market for content creators NFT. Followers can proceed to a devoted site for a chain of weekly drops. The platform says that these digital assets will be plunged weekly over the closing of month. Later on, NFT will be issued and transacted with no gas charge. TikTok is among the top renowned social platforms in the world. The platform says that it has one billion number users and most users are youngsters. This means that the deal will bring crypto to teenagers.

TikTok is not merely a social media platform to present these digital assets. Twitter also issued around one hundred and forty free NFTs. Reddit also launched its own CryptoSnoos in the meantime. Facebook is also supporting NFTs in its Wallet. However, it is not probable that whether it will create its own digital asset.

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