Telegram Messenger reaches one billion install milestone on Google Play Store, thanks to recent Facebook outages

Telegram is a popular app which provides users with Video calling, Voice calling, File sharing, chats and several other services. It was founded by entrepreneur Pavel Durov.

The servers of Facebook have recently caused a lot of problems and stress to its family of apps which has affected its number of active users and due to this reason, many active Facebook users have taken a turn from Facebook and shifted to Telegram. Facebook servers were really challenging for its users and at some point they went to down, at some point back to high, and again at some point really very low, the disturbance in Facebook servers have not just affected Facebook but along with Facebook they have also affected Instagram and WhatsApp, obviously these apps are of major use in daily life and any problem in them literally affects most of the population out there this became one of the most major reason for people shifting towards Telegram as that was the only sufficient option left.

This reason is valid but yet users’ loyalty should’ve come first, however, we still can’t ignore the fact that when something becomes slows or problematic, we immediately want a backup for that, this is the summary of whole situation which happened with Facebook.

But all this was really good for the app Telegram as in just a small time period it was able to achieve a solid number of active users. Not just this but the app managed to cross 1 billion installs in Google play store.
Telegram was able to attain a large number of new install and 70 million new users due the recent out break of Facebook. And, just this week the app reached a new milestone on Google Play Store i.e. a lofty 1,000,000,000 plus downloads on Android devices.

This shift towards Telegram was really unexpected as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are very high scale social media apps with the greatest number of users and a large number of daily usage, however, it was not impossible. May it be publicity, usage, activeness, popularity, everything depends upon the users, users control the success and down fall of each and every app. A little disturbance in any platform is directly proportional to loss of users and to avoid such situations Facebook is now taking measures and preparing to provide users with a smooth going app without any difficulty.

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