Facebook talks about an interesting new AI concepts that can see and remember everything it's user does

While reading or listening about the future of the world and its technology, you might have heard the term Artificial Intelligence. It surely is the future of technology and applications in the near future, major tech companies have been working on developing better versions of AI and are expecting it to revolutionize technology.

With many companies heavily investing towards Artificial Intelligence, Social giant 'Facebook' is not far behind in this race towards the rising industry. Facebook a few years ago took it's step into the world of AI and is now making big moves by creating AI based products and slowly capturing a large market share in this industry.

AI based developments in Facebook have increased since the company increased its workforce in the AI sector. Recent news suggests that developers at Facebook are working towards another interesting AI program, this one will be able to see, hear and memorize everything users do. Facebook said that it wants the AI to have things such as episodic memory which means that the AI would be able to remember even small details such as where you kept your car keys. Surprising isn't it?

Well hold your horses, since this AI program right now is merely a concept that is unachievable with the current AI systems. Facebook AI team however regarding this concept said that AI systems are made to analyze different things about a user and then proceeds to help them and they are optimistic that their concept might get real in the future.

Here's the fun part, this AI concept that Facebook just talked about is expected by industry experts to someday be used in AR glasses that Facebook develops. Imagine how crazy it would be for your glasses to remember your day or minute details such as the position of your car keys!

Source: Can AI Manage HR Better Than Actual Humans?
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