Snapchat users will now finally be able to change their usernames

Remember the time when Snapchat started to get mainstream and we all went in and made an account with a cringe worthy username that we later regretted. Well good news for the ones that did this, since Snapchat is now bringing in the ever awaited feature to change your username. The well-known photo sharing app will soon launch the awaited feature thus saving you from the embarrassment that your current username brings towards you.

However, before you celebrate this news, we want to break it to you that this update is like another chance which means that users with this update user’s will only be able to change their username once.

This is because this update is a onetime policy as soon as you change your username you cannot change it back to the previous one moreover your older username could not be restored. Once you change the username even the friends in your list will be able to see the updated username and not the previous one.

For those who have switched to new username recently would have additional emoji’s tagged on their profile.

However, this feature was still uncovered on android and will shortly come to all platforms at the same time.

Users who created their accounts long time ago and now find their usernames cringe are now eager for this feature's launch, this feature has attracted most audience out there since it was completely unreal and users were never expecting something like this from Snapchat.

The reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi informed the public about this new feature after which the news went viral leaving everyone to talk about this ever awaited update.

Snapchat in recent times has been on an updating spree thus making their app more interesting. In recent time period Snapchat also launched a new feature according to which people were able to delete their snaps, however this update was also unexpected for users since nothing like this happened in a long span of time. It was right after this update that the news for the Snapchat username change update popped up on social and news sites.

The news of this update made Snapchat the center of attention and also created a hype amongst the users, still certain updates are unexpected by Snapchat but no one what’s coming up next.

With the photo industry giant making quick and sharp changes we might see Snapchat introduce the feature of using personal pictures as profile covers replacing the Bitmoji. Who knows?

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