One post could now be shared at Facebook as well as Instagram at the same time through Facebook new update

This new handy feature of Facebook would be available on mobile devices soon but it would only be visible to a few profiles which are linked with their Instagram handles.

Each user would be able to cross post up to 10 photos only but talking about GIFs, polls, photo albums these could now be shared up to 10 photos or more than that even, isn't that just amazing.

This feature is most helpful towards the people who are socially active on many apps, also this update of Facebook has become the recent topic to discussion these days as it’s something new and interesting obviously.

This update of Facebook allows everyone to cross-post the apps update over their Instagram accounts to, involving videos, photos, reels and other stuff.

This feature is also really good in terms of time management as one could post on two social apps simultaneously without opening the apps over and over again, also more content to both the apps could be provided together which is just so astonishing.

Now talking about how one can use this feature, the feature could be easily seen on compose box at Facebook which people mostly use while formulating a post, when you click on it a new screen would be visible where you would be able to decide whether to post individually on Facebook or on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. However, it wouldn't become a default setting.

Not just this but one can switch on the option of sharing on Facebook and Instagram together which would help in a way that while posting in future the picture or video would be available on both the apps without asking for this again, this update isn't just for Facebook post but also for Facebook's story, when you post a picture or video on Facebook's story it would be available on Instagram story to.
In previous month Facebook also updated there messaging features through which people using Instagram can talk to their Facebook friends who aren't on Instagram and people using Facebook can talk to their Instagram friends who don't use Facebook.

This Facebook's update is globally affected it has many advantages, this update also helped Facebook and Instagram to gain a massive number of active users and a large amount of profit to. The users loved how creatively Facebook is thinking about its users and how actively the updates are being made. The users were not finished praising the previous features and even before that another featured popped out.
H/T: TechCrunchSarah Perez.

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