Facebook launches ‘Quick Access’ which will highlight your most viewed pages, posts or people

Facebook is the leading social media application with a monthly 2.9 billion monthly active users. The tech giant has managed to gather a mass over time and now is the number one means of socializing space for friends and families.

However, while Facebook is the leading social app, it knows its importance in people’s lives and hence is always updating and launching new and unique features. At times, the feature is small or sometimes it can bring about massive changes, however, it is the thought that counts behind it.

This time, Facebook has rolled out a feature which may not be huge and may not be used by many people, but it surely will work well for people who stalk a particular someone or many people on daily basis. Facebook has launched a feature called ‘Quick Access’ which will be available on the search bar above the recent searches column.

So what this feature will do, is the question that comes next?

Well, the feature is not something new. It will only highlight the pages that you have been visiting a lot lately permanently o the top of the search bar, so that it is easier for you to visit again. While the same task can be done by tapping on the recent searches, quick access just gives you a profile, age or a subset portion of either on the top. By subset we mean, the birthday of a specific someone, a post from a brand or person, live videos etc. will be highlighted on the top.

Let us take a specific dress that you have been eyeing on a page for a long time, but are waiting on your payment to come through to buy it. Well, when you have visited that dress’s post about two or three times now, Facebook will highlight on your Quick Access as a reminder for you that you were interested in this specific post.

While not much is known about this post, users can definitely delete stuff out of quick access similar to how they did in the recent searches. However, Facebook has not said anything about it now and it was noticed by a user on twitter and then retweeted by Matt Navarra. So if the tech giant will make further updates and changes to it, it will definitely be notified to you in the future.

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