Instagram rolls out Link Stickers for the general public worldwide

Instagram is one of the leading platform in the social media world. With the tech giant having millions of users who use its features and services, the social network understands the impact it had on the society.

Hence in order to make sure that it remains high up on the chart and keeps attracting new users, it is always coming up with engaging new features.

Currently Instagram has announced the expansion of one of its already existing features.

The tech giant a year back had introduced a swipe up link feature on stories. Attaching a swipe up link on stories would lead users to a website whose link was attached on that particular story. This feature was used to guide users to websites for product marketing, for form fills and other means. However, a few months back the company changed the swipe up link and had introduced a link sticker which was made available on the regular sticker portion of the application.

The link sticker is a sticker which can be placed in any font or color on any position in the story and tapping on its leads users to the particular website.

However, previously the sticker option was only made available for high profile accounts and businesses. It though is changing.

Instagram this week announced that it will be expanding the link sticker option to all users around the globe. The change comes after a proper feedback from the public and discussions on how the link sticker can be beneficial to all users alike.

However, while the company is expanding the feature to all, it has alerted users that the decision has been made rather carefully and has been thought through. With the link sticker being available to everyone the chances of the misinformation spread rises than usual as anyone can link a misinformed article or sources to it. The company has announced that it will keep a close check and reported accounts for misusing the sticker will be immediately banned from using the feature anymore.

In other news, the tech giant is also working on NFTs. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, the company may introduce the possibility of posting NFTs directly to profiles. However, it still has not been confirmed or announced by the tech giant itself. So you have to wait for this one before you get all excited.

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