Instagram Is Adding Suggested Replies To It's Interface, Providing Creators And Businesses Some Convenience

Instagram is currently testing the waters with a new Suggested Reply feature for users on the platform.

Instagram's a massive platform right now, with monthly active users within the hundreds of millions figures. I has also become a popular spot for e-commerce activity and setting up shop. Many small businesses have taken to the platform, starting to sell their products using Instagram, putting up aesthetic photos and what not. Instagram, not exactly one to turn businesses away, what with it being owned by Facebook, has stepped in to further help such businesses out. Insights on the platform are improved almost monthly to help users gauge their content's popularity and reach better. Online shops can now be set up on the platform, for the likes of influencers and businesses to sell their own branded products. Instagram's a very popular and happening place for a business to be.

This latest feature, labelled suggested replies, while accessible by anyone is also a feature that businesses and brands will profit more from. This isn't any fancy update, however, merely a tool to help admins out with customer management and UX. Suggested replies work as such: if turned on, whenever a chat room is opened up with a customer, suggested replies will start showing up based on previous messages. For example, if customers frequently ask about the operational timings of your business, once you start typing them in suggested replies will spare you the effort of typing out the whole thing. It's a tool that's built for convenience, more than anything else.

There's not much else to discuss regarding the new feature. It was revealed via a couple of screenshots uploaded by social media features leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. No information was given regarding when the feature would be widely accessible, but screenshots mean that it could very much be under regionally limited beta testing as we speak. Suggested replies can be activated via the Account setting of one's Instagram ID.

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