Google Chrome may be taken off as default browser if regulators take the decision in its rival’s favor

Google Chrome is the leading search engine in the world, however many of its competitors and four of Google’s biggest rivals believes that the position it holds within the industry is unfair.

Google owns around 63 to 71 percent of the market users when it comes to internet browsers, however many believe that it is a monopolist behaviors and the tech giant wouldn’t be where it is today, if it had not bought up so many places where it stands as a default browser.

While on the web you may observe that Google is the first default search engine when you log in to a browser. This is because Google has collaborated and signed deals with a lot of big names to keep it as their default search engine. Mozilla and Apple Safari has Google as its default browser and the search giant in return pays them for this.

However, Google’s four biggest rivals which namely are DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Lilo, and Qwant believe that this behavior is unfair and that all other search engines deserve equal representations. Hence they have called out to regulators in order to see this monopolist behavior and take actions against it.

The call to the regulators was made after Google was made to remove themselves as the defaulted browser in most parts of Europe by the EU, and was fined around 5 million dollars as well.

After Google’s removal as the defaulted browser, new Android phone users are provided with the option of five most popular search engines within their region along with seven alternatives that they can choose from.

The fact that EU was able to remove Google as a defaulted browser gave Google’s rival a hope that possible if they file a lawsuit, their demands will be heard as well.

Google’s rivals have also mentioned that is regulators will not take action against this default monopoly, it will be highly disappointing and though nothing will change much for Google, other equally deserving search engines will not receive the light they deserve.

It is fair though, while Google has applied a pretty good strategy to make a name for themselves in the world and has successfully managed to do so, the behaviors is still uncompetitive and it steals the chance off from other search engines to make a name for themselves no matter how good they are.

No further comment has been made by the regulators up until now, and we can’t wait to see what decisions do they take with this matter.

Creator: SOPA Images | Credit: LightRocket via Getty Images
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