Google Assistant routine will now start whether you enter or leave a location

Google just did a few updates with which the users are amazed, and these updates became the new topic of discussion. These updates aren’t any random or basic ones instead knowing about them can amaze any person out there. These updates also made it easier for Google to gain a lot of publicity and active followers.

Presence sensing was included in Google home routines in the previous year through which it was made much simpler in tracking location, get to know if the home is empty for switching of the tube lights, lowering the temperature rate, few Al trickery and lastly allow the secret safety cameras. Its such an amazing this cause now people can leave their apartments or house without stressing over the electricity usage. However, even after such cool features some users still consider it to be a matter of fuss.

As technology has updated so much in recent years Google managed to make another dreamy feature come true which is perfect automation. All the tube lights, cameras, thermo-regulator and much more several other home appliances are managed by Googles home app already, which has made human lives much more facile. Existing your home has really became a whole lot effortless now.

This new feature includes, for example if anyone wants the tube lights to be switched on before their arrival at home, they can just simply use commute and place their nearest location at it, and just by this action the light would be turned on before their arrival at home.

Google has made this update available on assistance settings and Google home app. However, if one wants to test this new location-based directives, they can simply start this today even at this hour of the day.

Just sharing the location data and being able to get hand on such updated features is such a success for Googles entire company. But yet again no one said that Google is stopping here they are still working to launch further more effortless and reliable feature for the future, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the future generations would be living much more effortless lives then we are living today and this technology is going to give them a much simpler time then its giving to us, we can also say that everything would be technology based in the coming years of future.

H/T: 9to5G.

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