Gaming software’s are the leading cause of malware transfer in a lot of computers as shown by this report

Malwares are so common these days that computer and software users have to stay alert all the time and have to be conscious in whatever they download as well. However, while malwares were already being transferred and slyly put in computers without the owner knowing, hackers are now making their ways into your computer through gaming software.

Atlas VPN surveyed and concluded a report that between July 2020 and July 2021, almost 303,827 devices were infected by malwares through gaming software. The most played and leading game last year used to be Minecraft, and it was expected that it would have brought in a lot of malwares.

When checked, it was found that through Minecraft was in fact the leading malware carrying game. More than half of the above mentioned number of the infected devices was through Minecraft. The game infected about 185,000 users and the game carried over 3 million Minecraft related malwares as inspected by Kaspersky Security Network.

However, what needs to be made sure is that the malware was not carried through authentic games. Minecraft comes under Microsoft, and the tech giant has always made sure that no matter what software it launches, its user population stays safe. Hence, same is with Minecraft. If users download or buy the game from authentic online websites or App Stores, there are no chances of any kind of malware detection or download.

However, many people buy off mods or second copies of the game from unauthentic websites and that is where the most chances of malware transfer are. When users download games from such websites that is where they have the most chances of malware transfer.

Minecraft, though is not the only place for such malware transfer. Other games that have been in the lead recently like Sims 4, PUBG, Among US, Free Fire etc., were also a cause for malware transfer.

Among US showed 9616 detections of malwares, PUBG showed 9084 malware detections, Free Fire showed 6065 detections.

Malwares are now the leading cause of virus transmission in users and over the years have transferred dozens of infections within computers. Users should make sure that they buy off games or download them only from authentic websites because if not, the chances of computer viruses increase tenfold.
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