Facebook is working towards three new initiatives that will improve the connectivity within developing regions of the world

Facebook is the leading social giant on the globe and what never fails to impress is the audience or large number of users it holds. However, considering the tech giant has been operating for over 17 years now, it shows impressive growth each quarter which is something pretty remarkable.

What needs to be noticed though is the fact that Facebook is growing in regions it never grew much before in. While it was always an actively used network within the western world, its growth numbers there have become stagnant and do not increase a lot each quarter. However, the numbers in the developing countries like India and Indonesia to name a few have seen massive increase in user growth. This means Facebook despite being 17 years old now, is still a relatively new feature for a lot of people.

However, this still gives an advantage to the tech giant. Over the year’s t has learned from its mistakes and now provides a rather smooth experiences for all the newbies on the app to learn the dynamics of its use. It also provides an opportunity for Facebook to connect and provide opportunities for people by going outside the box.

In order to provide better opportunities, Facebook is taking three huge steps as a part of its Facebook Connectivity Project from its recent Inside the Lab event.

The tech giant will be lying down and subsea cable through an initiative called the 2Africa Project. This initiative will help Facebook place an undersea cable connection line which will be the longest one to ever laid down and will connect Africa, Europe and Asia. Countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia along with many other regions will be linked with high speed connectivity.

Through the cable lines, these regions will receive better internet connectivity and applications can promote themselves a lot better within these developing countries. However, while it does give developers a great chance at marketing there is not guarantee that their users number will increase more in pace than they do now. However, the initiative is worth a shot.

It second major work will also be related to connectivity but by through a cabling robot called ‘Bombyx’. It will move along power lines and wrap them in fibers and provide better connectivity through wires.

Lastly, Telegraphic technology is what Facebook plans on launching. The term and initiative both are relatively new to the work of tech. It will allow connections to pass through air over long distances. While it older similar works on the same dynamics have failed, the social giant is very positive about this one.

Facebook is doing its best to bring the internet facility to the world which does not excel so much when it comes to tech. While the tech giant has its own benefit in this.

Sources: FB Engineering / Tech Blog.
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