DXOMARK compares the camera quality between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 pro max and looks like the newer version has come with a lot of improvements

Apple introduces its ever famous iPhone ranges every year and this year, in October, the iPhone 13 range is all set to launch. While pre orders were made and a lot of people have already gotten their hands on it, what people cannot stop doing is comparing iPhones from its previous ranges.

This happened this time as well. While iPhone 12 and all its range had quite an impact on people and the audience generally loved the camera quality and features it offered, the iPhone 13 range maybe one step ahead.

DXOMark, compared the iPhone 13 Pro with the iPhone 12 Pro and labelled the 13 ones’ camera quality better. However, while these two were the leading and most expensive versions of their lines, DXOMark decided to test the iPhone 12 pro max with the iPhone 13.

It was then revealed that the simple iPhone 13 camera was also better than iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The results showed that iPhone 13 was better than its ancestor in some aspects when it came to the camera comparison. The iPhone 13 in the comparison test gave a camera photo score of 138, a point higher than iPhone 12 Pro while the video quality had a score of 117.

In the feature aspects, while the iPhone 12 range and iPhone 13 both had the same sensor size, the new iPhone 13 did not have the PDAF like the iPhone 12. Instead it used the Dual Pixel autofocus which made the pictures outcome really great. Apart from this, f/1.6 aperture lens which made the light channeling more accurate and a stabilizing system which maintains the picture stability and prevents it from blurring or going out of focus.

If you compare iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, both have the same camera experience so you’ll get the same quality regardless of what you choose. However, if storage is an issue for people, then they will definitely be opting for the latter, considering it offers a better storage space.

While DXOMARK does praise Apple on the amazing range of iPhone 13 it has launched which offers better colors, white balance, speed, accuracy and better skin tones, it cannot however, address a few things which it thinks lack in the new range.

According to DXOMARK, the new iPhone range has noise in the videos when shot in low light and the dynamic range is less compared to the previous version when it comes to high contrasting scene.

What needs to be made sure is that while DXOMARK has given its own reviews year after year based on tests, the reliability of such tests are not accurate and in the end it all depends on what the users experience says about the new range.

Up until now, iPhone 13 has showed a tremendous response and has managed to take a position on the number 10th on the global smart phone ranges along with iPhone 12 Pro max.

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