Apple appeals in court to delay its order for the company to allow developers to use third party apps for payments until the case with Epic Games resolves

Apple is the top mobile developer in the world and the company is occasionally stuck in one court or another. However, considering it is leading the mobile market, it is natural for such circumstances to arise. Apple was called out by developers and many other companies on the fact that it does not allow application developers to charge people for subscriptions for other purposes outside the Apple, like any other third party.

While Apple charges developers a 30 percent commission from the revenue their application makes, the company not allowing developers to use third party apps for payments seems unfair. Hence, after a lot of court calls it was decided that Apple will now let developers use third party apps for payments and not threaten them to be removed off App Store, something it did previously with one of Epic Games application.

Speaking of Epic Games, the developing company is always in a court war with Apple and hence, Apple thought of a great plan.

The court had asked Apple to let developers charge users outside app as well and the new rule was supposed to be implemented from December 9th, 2021, however, Apple has now submitted an appeal in court to pause this injunction.

The appeal reads that until matters between Apple and Epic Games are not subsided, the company should not be forced to change their old tactics until then. This seems like a double game that Apple is playing. The cases between Apple and Epic Games are pretty deep and may take up to, many years to resolve. This means it may take many years for Apple to actually implement a decision which was supposed to go live in two months. If the appeal is accepted Apple will remain profiting off both the commission fee and the revenue earned from the in app payment method.

Many developers are protesting against this, and though the appeal has been submitted in court the calling won’t be until November 2021.

While Apple is the leading tech giant, we are not sure what the statistics for their win in this case is. I the end it will all depend on the contexts, evidences and statements developers and Apple will provide for the jury to take an ultimate final decision.

Whatever happens will be known in November and we will be right here to update you!

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