Consumers have mix reactions on whether automotive companies are doing their best or not in better durability and longevity of their products

Auto mobiles have become a common thing now. While in the past, there weren’t as many cars on the road, the developing world has changed that particular bit. However, with the increase in the demands of car and new vehicles and models being launched so frequently, many people believe that the quality has decreased.

YouGov conducted a survey across 17 countries and their markets and asked people questions about what were their thoughts on the automobiles in the present era. In a number of countries, while most people believed that automotive companies were doing their part well and the durability of their products was okay, many failed to agree.

The survey revealed that overall throughout the globe only around half of the consumers, or 49 percent to be exact, thought that companies were doing their part of the bit when it came to automotive products, 17 percent stated that they did not have any particular thoughts on the matter and 33 percent believed that car manufacturing companies are lacking in the efforts they can put.

Different regions and countries of the world came with different statistics and percentages. Asia was the continent where people believed that automotive companies were doing well with their durability. Countries like Indonesia, India and UAE had percentages over 70 where people thought automotive countries were putting in their best efforts with product longevity and durability. Hong Kong and Singapore both had an audience of 54 percent who agreed to the same statement.

Australian surveyors had the same thoughts on the question and 52 percent of them agreed that automotive companies’ products had durability.

However, while half or more than half the percentages in the above mentioned countries did agree on the longevity and durability of products, the drawback mostly came from the countries in the western part of the globe.

Around half or more than half people on the survey in the western part of the world believed that automotive companies were not giving their best and can do much better than they do currently.

In Singapore (49 percent), Italy (46), France (41) people believed that the automotive companies were not giving their best. Sweden and British people held the same thought.

While in all these above mentioned countries, the number of people who believed that the parts were okay in respect to those who did not collided in quite a close proximity, and was closely on a verge of outnumbering each other, the biggest difference was observed in Spain.

55 percent of the Spanish people believed that the automotive countries were failing to deliver their best and lacking in their efforts.

From the looks of it, the difference in percentages and the thoughts people hold about the automotive products can be because of different companies and manufacturers throughout the globe.

However, do you believe that cars now are less durable than those before?

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