Apple to present its changes in regards to South Korea’s lawsuit for allowing developers to receive payments through third party applications Mid October

Apple and Google are the two leading tech giants within the industry and considering that they are the top ones they seem to be always stuck in one lawsuit or another.

However, this time the lawsuit is something that a lot of governments and developers agree on that it needs to change within the two tech giants' app stores and specially Apple.

The South Korea Communication Commission had filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google to allow its developers charge users through third party applications.

Both Google and Apple charges all developers and their applications a 30 percent commission out of what they make from their Play or App Store. While this seemed like a fair trade considering that the two platforms are providing developers a platform to introduce their applications to the world, many believed that the 30 percent was too much. Both the companies compromised on this and brought down the fee to 15 percent for some applications.

However, the South Korean lawsuit issue revolves around the fact that Apple doesn't allow developers to charge users for in app tools or other features through any third party payment option. If any developers offer any tools or features in their app that need to be bought, the user will have to buy that particular thing directly off the app store. This did not sit well with a lot of developers because it bounded them to make payments within Apple.

The South Korean government has issued a notice for the Apple to come up with an alternative plan and allow developers to make third party payments. Failing to do so will lead to consequences for the company.

Apple is most likely to present its alternative plan by mid-October in South Korea. However, it is believed that the same plan will be implemented worldwide because Apple usually adopts a consistent approach throughout.

Any specific date hasn’t been given for when Apple will be presenting their new implementation in South Korea, however it is expected in Mid-October. Till then we can only hope what the new rules will be and will they operate globally.

Photo: ymgerman via Getty Images

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