Apple incorporates the 'cinematic mode' feature from its iPhone 13 within the iMovie editing application on MacOS

Every iPhone user knows that the company offers the best storage capacity in the world, and if you are someone who happens to store a lot of images and pictures within the phone, an iPhone with a big storage is your best bet.

However, while company does provide an amazing storage space, it also provides an even more amazing camera quality for you to capture memories to store within the storage.

With the launch of iPhone 13 range, users saw a new feature hit the camera part of the phone, the one which possibly is the biggest hit for Apple until now.

Apple has introduced a new cinematic mode in their iPhone 13 range, which tends to capture moments not only beautifully, but also pro-movies like.

The new iPhone feature used Machine learning to adjust the focus on the main focus of the frame. Users can also tap on the screen to adjust the focus themselves on whatever object or placement they want more focus on and the best part is, that after a video has been recorded the focus and light can be adjusted then too!

However, the down point was when people realized that the camera did capture the quality well, it was lost when the moved onto 'iMovie' which is Apple's editing application. But Apple has now resolved that issue as well.

The company on their Mac PCs will be updating a new version MacOS Monterey which will be making its on October 25th.

According to Apple, once the MacOS update is released in the end of October, users will definitely be able to edit videos on iMovie’s while maintaining the quality of cinematic mode, choose the focus on faces or whatever object they want on by selecting on the viewer, delete focus points or view them more clearly in the video timeline.

Improved focus quality and more efficiency will be provided which will make things so much easier for people working on iMovie’s through Mac Books.

Apple has always been pretty conscious about its users. It always has worked towards introducing features which will be the best and most useful for them and till now has succeeded quite nicely.

The idea behind cinematic mode and incorporating its feature within iMovie’s has been a lifesaver for many editors who use iPhone and Apple devices to shoot and edit. The company has been introducing some great features, and we cannot wait to see what else it will bring in the future.

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