$10 Million For Horizon Fund, What Is Facebook’s Next Step For VR

Facebook has always been at the forefront of Social media platforms and over the years with acquisitions paving its way with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many others. Its acquisition for Oculus indicated its intention for Augmented and Virtual Reality and the recent developments showcased just how serious Facebook is in terms of its new VR platform. The $10 million creator fund that has been created to be distributed to Horizon World Creators showed the world and Facebook critics about the future plans and Facebook’s commitment to those.

Horizon World, previously known as the Horizon VR Program is Facebook’s most recent beta program that is presented to VR users to accept and expand upon to the best of their abilities by creating worlds and developing on themes. Even though this is just the beta version and not entirely in its final stage, Facebook provided a pathway for creators to learn and expand on the platform with monetary incentives also awaiting them in the near future and possibly in the next quarter.

The distribution of the $10 million funds is distributed over the next year into three levels of Horizon Worlds Engagements. The first would be $10,000 distributed to the winners of community level competitions over who creates the best world in the virtual landscape over the year in different competitions, the final number of which is still undecided.

The next tier of funds is distributed to allow the user to be introduced to the program with training through applications, the first of which has already been completed and the upcoming is soon to start in just a few months time with applications being processed in a months time.

The third is the most subjective trope of all by provided monetary resources for users that intend to create a certain theme or landscape within the game and projecting everything in regards to that catching the attention of all users and executives at the center.

This investment fulfills on the promise of Mark Zuckerberg that called on to make Facebook from a social media company in to a metaverse company and that prospect is achieved by the resources Facebook has accredited Horizon and Oculus to for Virtual and Augmented Reality respectively. However, experts predict that this would not necessarily be a walk in the park for Facebook as there has been competition from both Fortnite and Roblox in the same forte where Horizon World intends to expands its own. What awaits us is still a question however, there is light at the end of the tunnel with a brighter VR world.

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