YouTube Studio updated the mobile app, adds returning audiences and new metrics along with 'Top videos growing your audience' listing

The continuous rise in the competition among the social media apps has led to a massive increase in variety of features and improved experiences both of users and creators. Talking of which, YouTube which is owned by Google recently updated its app YouTube Studio that helps creators to keep track of their subscribers, viewers and view count according to their uploads.

YouTube decided to update the application by adding more features to help creators learn more about their audience. YouTube is adding a "Top videos growing your audience" list to YouTube studio which shows which videos are getting more attention and subscribers to the channel. Not only that the videos are listed in a descending order explaining which videos helped with return viewership and reach, which is surprisingly not always connected to the views.
You can also get a more detailed display of the uploaded video and its performance by clicking on each video. The key is to point out to the specific content that is attracting the audience as well as bringing back other viewers which will consequently help the channel augment to its fullest. Although surprisingly the clips that are getting the most views are not the ones that bring back previous viewers, so this insight will help the creator learn more about both the aspects and put that to work in future videos. This feature is currently only available on the desktop version of YouTube Studio.

Apart from this, a returning and new viewer metrics and member metrics in the audience handle is now available on YouTube studio mobile phone application as well. In addition to this feature, YouTube is also trying to adjust the metrics on its video performance card on both desktop and cellphone for easier access and better insight on the mobile application.

YouTube is working to improve YouTube studio application by updating the features that were previously only available on the desktop version one at a time. Recently YouTube granted the creators access to change the currency display setting through the mobile application as well.

And last but not the least YouTube also added a navigation bar at the bottom of the mobile application and removed the side navigation bar, which has made it easier to scroll through the different options without clicking on the side tab to go through the settings.

These updates all together will help the creators post better and attention seeking content, which is beneficial to their channel and the insights will hopefully help them to spike up not only views but also subscribers.

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