YouTube Cuts down the subscription requirement for community posts to half than before

YouTube is the top video viewing platform and has millions of creators who make and upload videos of their desired genre and niches according to the likes of them and their subscribers.

The tech giant understands that a large community relies on its services and hence is always working towards improving their features and introducing new tools. The company also works towards making things easier for their users and this time too, the social giant has taken a right step which will be helpful to a lot of small creators.

YouTube had introduced a discussion board a while back, however that discussion board was soon temporarily replaced by a Community Post option. The community post gave an option to creators to post short videos, images, GIFs and other different kind of content apart from posting their usual normal long or short videos. These content appears on the Community tab, and also may appear in Home or the Subscriptions feed most of the time. This was a great feature for creators as it gave them a chance to stay connected with their audience and interact with them even while they could not post their usual videos on their channels. The feature though was only limited to users with over 1000 subscribers, and when it started getting a great response, YouTube decided to expand it.

So, as from October 12th 2021, the Community Post feature will be available to a lot more content creators, the only rule for it is that creators should have greater than 500 subscribers. This means the platform is cutting the subscribers requirement to a half.

The Community Post came as a replacement for Discussion board and though the discussion board was not totally removed, its use was just limited. However, from October 12 the discussion board will also be bidding its final good bye and after that community posts will be taking over because of its release to a wider audience.

However, from the looks of it, it seems like YouTube will not be stopping here. The tech giant in an interview said that the response for the community posts has been great and there are possibilities that it will be expanding it to other users in the future. As to when it will happen is not known, however considering this statement of YouTube, if you have less than 500 followers you may also be able to get a hold of this community posts feature in the future.

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