WhatsApp may bring a new feature which will help users search chat by particular dates

WhatsApp is one of the top social messaging applications for online conversation and is used by almost every netizen throughout the world. The tech giant knows it has a large user base and is always working towards improving their features and tools to give their audience a better experience, and right now WhatsApp has also announced to bring about a new feature.

The new feature is great for people who love to go back and read old conversations because they find it very sweet, and while users can find the conversation if they remember particular bits of it through the ‘Chat Search’, WhatsApp has brought something else as well.

Users will now be able to go back to their old conversations through a new search by date feature, as spotted by WABI. The feature has been in testing since November and now since its talk is making waves around, means it will be launched sooner than we will know.

So what does this feature do? When the new feature will be launched WhatsApp users will see a small calendar like icon on the right hand side of the chat typing box. When users will tap on this box, a box like feature will appear which will have the 12 months of the year, 31 days of the month and all the years of conversation that is present on WhatsApp in a scroll selecting box.

Scrolling up all the way back to a particular month of a respective year is hard work and very unsuccessful most of the times, because users might give up mid-way. Hence through this new feature, users will be able to select a date, month and year and WhatsApp will automatically lead you to conversations that happened on that particular day.

The feature is currently under testing and WhatsApp has not given any particular date as to when it will release it, or even a specific time frame, but what we do know is that the feature will first appear on iOS and then may later make its way to Android if everything goes well.

It is great to see WhatsApp being considerate on the tiniest of details and working towards feature that are very beneficial for its users. We cannot wait to see when the new feature releases, but from the looks of it, it may be launched sooner than we expect it to.

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