Users will know if their PCs are eligible for the new Windows 11 directly off a notification on their Windows 10 Update settings

While Windows had announced its version 10 to be the last of Windows launched, its planned changed probably because of the growing competition in the market and it soon announced that it will be releasing a new version called Windows 11.

After that, Microsoft also re-released a PC health check application last week which helps users determine the health and condition of their PC and see if it would be able to support Windows 11 after the update goes lives.

However, looks like users will not be needing the health chart app for long now. Why is that? Well, a few users who are a part of Windows Release Preview Channel of the Insider Program took it to Reddit where they posted that their PCs received a notification on the Windows Update page of Windows 10 settings claiming that Windows 11 was ready to update followed by another pop up which notified them that Windows 11 will be made available to them later this. So if release preview channel users have received this notification, this means general users will also be notified directly if their PC stands eligible for the update once the new Windows goes live.

But, as of now Windows 11 has yet not been released for the general public and is only made available for Dev and Beta Windows users and from the looks of this new notification, it won't take long before it is released for the Preview Channel group as well. Once it is released for the channel, and after determining its capability and working levels, Windows 11 will officially be made available to the public.

However, no official date has been set as to when Windows 11 will be released and considering the time frame that usually Windows use to release their products we may be expecting the new launch of Windows to be in Mid-October to November which means Preview users will definitely be getting an update before that.

Considering how not all preview users got the Windows 11 notification we believe Windows will be dividing the Release Preview Channel into two groups and while one half will be getting a Windows 11 update, the remaining half of users will receive the new unreleased update of Windows 10 version 21H2 which is expected to launch along the same time frame as Windows 11.

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