Clubhouse’s newly introduced ‘spatial audio’ feature will give listeners a more in real life experience when listening to conversations

Clubhouse was a hit as soon as it was released. An application that provided an opportunity to create audio rooms and have discussions on various topic along with an audience, gave a lot of influencers and celebrities to hold discussions on matters they wanted to talk about and hence the applications download numbers increased drastically.

However, as soon as an application or feature gets famous, other competitive applications bring out something similar and even more better and hence Clubhouses popularity was soon stolen by Twitter Spaces which was a lot better conversational feature in a lot of aspects.

But Clubhouse did not lose hope and continued bringing out new and unique features and the platform is back with a bang with yet another really cool feature.

This time about the application has launched a 'spatial audio' feature which makes conversation seem more like in real life settings. Previously, while the audience heard every speaker the same way through their headphones or speakers, the new spatial audio feature will give a better experience with the communication on the platform. Each speaker will be given a designated position in the room and while they speak the users would know from which side or position the voice is coming from, which will ultimately help them understand easily that who is the one speaking. For example, if a person named Carol is positioned on the right side of the room screen, their voice will emerge from the right side of the headphones and speakers more clearly.

This is similar to what we experience in real life, while we talk to someone on whatever side they are positioned to us, that side of the ear picks up most of their vocal sounds and that is similar to how the spatial feature will work.

However, there was news that the spatial feature will work only for the listeners/audience while the speakers of the conversation will hear the sound the exact same way it used to be without any spatial effect, but it has now been cleared by Clubhouse that speakers will also be able to avail this new feature but currently only those that use a wired headphone. Any speaker using a wireless headphone will be deprived of this because of the Bluetooth limitation protocols but the company is working towards that as well and this issue may soon be resolved.

The social giant then further said that music and stereo sources will also be positioned on the platform and that it will maintain their assigned stereo separation in the artificial space. This means, users will get to experience any background sound or music that is being played in the conversation or room more clearly and experience a more IRL experience with it as well.

All these new features are really helping Clubhouse fight the increasing competition in the market and the application has seen somewhat better increase in numbers since June, considering how it fell from the charts a few months back. The increase in users is also because of the fact that Clubhouse introduced its application on Android, which previously was only limited to iOS users and because of this its use in India has increased greatly increased which is an Android dominant region.

Clubhouse is doing pretty well in this facing competition and though it may not be doing as well as it was in the beginning, it is slowly climbing its way back up.

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