Twitter announces the ability to send and receive tips in Bitcoin; the platform is also discovering new possibilities to validate NFTs

Twitter has recently introduced a new ability to tip in Bitcoin. The platform is putting an effort to promote cryptocurrency, by giving users an option to send and accept tips in Bitcoin. Twitter is discovering the latest possibilities to trail and exhibit NFTs, which is a fresh type of crypto. These Non-fungible tokens (NFT) can signify the possession of exclusive online or corporeal products, for example, songs, sculptures, or tweets. This crypto tipping feature is already accessible prior to this year, but to limited users only.

However, it will be rolled out for iOS devices first, and then the platform will launch it into Android devices later. Twitter is now experimenting to get fit in this category. Esther Crawford, who is the product leader, stated that it will surely be convenient for people to send and accept bitcoin promptly. There are two billion people globally who do not use the old-style banking system for dealings. Esther also added that the platform is looking to validate non-fungible tokens by facilitating users to tie their crypto wallets. This can be verified in the form of a badge that will give details about its origin.

Users of the platform will have the capability to send bitcoin to their favorite content creators as well. If they want to tip the content creator, they need to click the tip sign on the profiles of influencers. After that, they can choose the payment process to send money in digital form. Twitter says that it will not deduct anything from it. However, the platform also unveiled the ‘Tip Jar’ feature a few months ago in this regard. In addition to crypto, Twitter will also allow people to attach up to 9 customary payment sources, such as Venmo and other platforms, to their profile in order to accept tips. However, Twitter is not handling the payment itself.

People can also tip content creators and influencers by using the Strike application. The platform says that it wants to give everyone access to the way to get rewarded. The platform will also inform the person when they receive tips in bitcoin so that such person can say thanks or react to that payment in the form of emojis. The platform will also produce the invoice for each tip so that they can be tracked later if needed. The platform also gave away NFTs to some users a couple of months ago.

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