Some of the latest tests of Twitter are stumbling even at the initial phases which can create trouble for the platform in the future

There is no doubt that Twitter has the audacity to try out numerous features to upsurge its potential. During the last couple of months, the platform has augmented the speed of development of many features such as Super Follows and Twitter’s Blue, and still, many other options are expected to come in the near future. Now the real question here is that whether these developments will give fruitful results to the platform or otherwise they can cause trouble.

The platform has actually gone too far trying a lot of stuff without making sure that whether these experiments will pay back in the future. The platform introduced the Stories feature ‘Fleets’ during the prior year that allowed users to post pictures, video content, and reactions. Twitter tried to copy that feature from its rivals such as Snapchat and Instagram so that it can give a healthy competition in the market but that was proved to be the worst feature, the platform has ever unveiled. Unfortunately, Twitter had to confiscate ‘Fleet’ during the prior month after letting the feature to work for 9 months approximately. The platform accepted its failure later on.

However, in the same way, some of the others tests of the platforms are faltering as well, and if the platform does not change its strategy, it can cause hefty damage. If those features will be terminated in the future, that will show the worst picture of the platform’s inner development process to the whole world. The platform is currently standing at that stage where it cannot bear any further loss; otherwise, it will lose its credibility among the users. One of the sources has stated that another feature of the platform is tripping even in the initial phases. The Super Follows feature of the platform has made only 6000 USD during the initial fourteen days of its function.

However, merely the users of America and Canada have the accessibility to this option. Although, 2 weeks is not a sufficient time to anticipate the future of this option. Users always take time to think and evaluate the feature then they take the subscriptions but still, 6000 USD is not a healthy start especially when the world’s most famous social media platform is running that feature. According to some approximations, only 2000 users of America have taken the subscriptions. Now you can imagine what can go even worse than this for a social platform has more than 37,000,000 DAU in the same country.

The platform must understand that if one feature does not operate well, it can also create trouble for other features, and ultimately, that damage the whole platform. Now the question is how long users will pay a regular fee for Twitter Blue that is currently accessible merely in two countries. Twitter also introduced the Communities feature a few days ago but there is still no information regarding the results of its enactment. Still, it is said that this feature is not yet proved to be much engaging so far.

However, the platform has one feature that is consistently showing some good results as this feature is public which makes it more attractive. But still, the platform needs to pay attention to its strategies. Clubhouse, which is also an audio streaming application, has lost some ratio of its popularity.

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