TikTok Is Adding Favorite And Recommended Comments For Users, And Will Also Allow Them To Reply To Specific DMs

TikTok is working on implementing a Favorite and Recommended comments. The platform's also adding the ability to reply to DMs.

TikTok's become a central beehive of short video creation activity, this much is obvious enough. Other than the site being a major representative voice of Gen Z, much as YouTube was to millennials, the platform's also incredibly popular amongst individuals both older and younger! It's grown a massive amount over a much shorter timespan, and now stands as tall as much, much older social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Naturally, with all of this success, TikTok's next goal needs to be facilitating exchanges between users in the community. That way, the brand stays alive, and everyone sees TikTok as more than just a short form video publishing network.

The first of these features entails comments on videos. Users will have the ability to add comments to a Favorite category, which can be accessed later. What purpose would this serve? This way, users can remember comments that stood out, take the time to formulate a proper response, and get back to the original users. It's a very interesting feature, and one not commonly encountered across social media. TikTok's a site filled with famous individuals, and it's own batch of influencers. Such a feature will allow for more effective, and perhaps even more frequent, interaction between stars and fans.

Recommended comments is a feature that will act in conjunction with Favorite comments. While the latter consists of comments a user has themselves saved to address later, the former suggests popular or intriguing comments on it's own that might come off as interesting. How these Recommended comments will be selected is not yet known. One could, however, hypothesize that precipitating factors could include number of likes, replies, and certain important recurring keywords.

Finally, let's move on to a feature that other social media platforms do already have. Replying to messages is not necessarily the first step a platform takes when setting up a chat function. It took the likes of Instagram and Twitter a while before replies were introduced. However, TikTok has also started implementing replies. This means that users can now reply to specific DMs, adding more context to what they're discussing and/or addressing.

All of these features were reported via screenshots from social media researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. Their widespread implementation could take a while, however, features such as replies will definitely be showing up sooner rather than later.

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