Snapchat's spotlight program is revolving around copycat content and the Snap CEO is not pleased with this

On Wednesday, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap on Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference said that to earn greatly via incentive program, abundant of creators were deliberately copying one another, as a result, the company had to make alterations in its spotlight funding policy to prevent the content duplication.

He further said the viewers were observing what content was getting more paid, appreciation and views, and they preferred copying that rather than creating new content of their own, just to get the money.

The snap has always promoted new creative, original content via its platform and encourage them by paying people good enough for their efforts.

Spiegel said they are still looking for adequate means to reward and appreciate the deserving creators not only with views to their content but also benefit them financially.

Snapchat first initiated the incentive program in 2020, with a motive to compete with TikTok by producing and promoting short forms of video content, namely spotlight among the public. The company also made an announcement, promising to pay 1 million dollars per day to its top video creators with the most popular post in the spotlight.

According to a report in May 2021, Snapchat claimed that it has paid 130 million dollars to its top spotlight creators with the most popular posts since November 2020. The report further revealed that over only 250 people have been paid more than 100,000 dollars.

The company has not revealed its current limitation of payments to the creators yet.

Considering the situation, the company announced to make alterations in their policy and set up to pay millions of dollars a week rather than 1 million dollars per day.

They further claimed that the company has noticed high submission from its creators.

While addressing further they said, they aim to produce a variety creative of content to attract more audience to their platform and present high-quality entertaining content covering all sorts of categories rather than presenting common things which they named as copycat content.

Snapchat is one among the huge digital content creating platforms that are purposefully initiated to nurture the creator economy, and so they can not simply tolerate plagiarism and copying namely copycat content.

The company has made changes in their incentive program, spotlight funds in order to maintain the quality content and reward only deserving creators.

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