Snapchat is testing a widget on Android devices so that users can easily and quickly chat with their close friends

Snapchat is one of the most famous social media platforms with over 293 million daily active users around the world. The platform is mostly popular for filters, face swap, chatting, and voice change. However, the platform has launched various features such as Snapchat Stories and Bitmoji so that it can increase the engagement level of users. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi who is developer and leaker tweeted that the platform is currently testing a widget on Android devices so that users can conveniently and quickly chat with their close friends and families.

With the help of the widget, users can chat with their friends and they can also view the stories of friends straightly from the Android home screen. However, Paluzzi has said that this option is still in the development stage and will be launched soon. Many users were also asking for the dark mode of this widget. He has further tweeted that Snapchat is also working on the dark mode of the widget and he also posted some screenshots of these features that how they will look like. Snapchat is the only platform that does not offer the option of dark mode so far. Users will be able to add the shortcut of their best friends on the home screen, so they will not have to open the application every time when they want to chat with their friends. Previously when the platform introduced this feature on iOS devices, the iOS users were only able to add the widget on their Today Screen. But on Android devices, they will be able to add such widgets anyplace on the home screen.

Users will have to activate this widget on their Android devices. First, they will have to tap on the empty space on their home screen, and then they will get the option of the Snapchat widget, they can add friends, family members, or someone very special, however, Paluzzi did not reveal the number of members that can be added in a widget at one time. Users can also resize the widget as well. Paluzzi has not revealed the exact date for the rollout of these features as the platform is still experimenting with these options. It may be possible that the platform launches this widget in the upcoming update. Surely, this option will engage the users in a better way.

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