Snapchat Adds Birthdays To Its List Of Minis Features, Allowing Users To Keep Track Of Each Other's Birthdays

Snap is adding a new Birthday Mini feature to the Snapchat interface, allowing users to see all of the upcoming birthdays of fellow users.

It's funny that when we think about the multiple conveniences that social media has brought to our existence, birthdays are a common answer that keep popping up. Just the mere fact that sites such as (or even mainly) Facebook keep reminding us of our loved ones' birthdays allows everyone to sidestep so many awkward interactions. No one has to remember them anymore (unless they're very close friends, in which case, what are you doing?). Facebook even makes the point of sending reminders to an individual's mobile device whenever an individual on their friends list has a birthday, therefore prepping them in advance.

Facebook having such a feature seems like a given of sorts. Naturally, the site that is touted as the face of social media would give something like birthdays a ton of importance. However, as time keeps marching on, more and more individuals rely on other forms of social media for their daily interactions. And perhaps none stand so prominent as Snapchat, especially amongst the younger generation. Everyone needs to maintain a streak of snaps with their best friends, even sending some to each other as good morning messages. Stories, a concept widely used by Facebook and its sister platforms Instagram and WhatsApp, were introduced and made famous by Snapchat. So, with Snapchat taking the lead in social interaction, the devs thought it best to make a big deal out of birthdays as well.

Birthdays are the latest addition to Snapchat's recently added Minis feature. Minis essentially holds scales down versions of more popular apps, allowing users to do certain activities together, such as guided meditation, buying tickets for events, and studying. The Birthday Mini not only allows users to keep track of upcoming birthdays, but also utilizes Snapchat's lens to send special themed snaps for these very special occasions. Birthdays can also be organized and kept track of by either how soon they are, or the user's respective zodiac signs.

The feature's already out and available to use. So, go on ahead and use on of Snapchat's best added Minis, taking socializing on the platform to yet another successful high.

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