America and Canada are no more in the list of top ten countries having the top mobile internet and broadband speed, UAE, South Korea and Monaco leading the chart

High-speed internet has now become our necessity as it is essential in allowing businesses to grow stronger. The internet speed can also influence the productivity level of employees as they can manage their orders right on time. Every country knows the importance of high-speed internet; therefore, each country is trying to provide the highest mobile and broadband speed to its people especially during the pandemic situation and after the launch of 5G. The survey report of the Ookla worldwide index demonstrates that mobile data and broadband speed has risen up to 60 percent and 32 percent respectively during the prior year. However, this information also gave some astonishing facts that America and Canada are no more on the list of the countries having the fastest internet speed.

The country UAE, the Republic of China, Cyprus, S.Korea, Norway, KSA, AUS, Kuwait, and Bulgaria are the top countries having the highest mobile internet speed in the year 2021. However, the country of Canada was at 6th position during 2019 in providing the high-speed mobile internet, and then its position went down from 6th to 8th in 2020. Now the country has dropped from the top ten rankings globally during 2021.

The country of Cyprus and Kuwait has improved mobile speed a lot that they have taken the 5th and 8th position globally in 2021. However, these countries were not even on the list during the last two years. Qatar was at 3rd number in 2019, then it went down from 3rd to 4th number in 2020, but now it has improved again and gained its 3rd position back again. Bulgaria has also lost one rank but still, it has managed to get into the top 10 rankings. America is out of the top 10 rankings from the past 3 years. Ookla discovered that the country is falling behind in iPhone twelve (5G) speed during the start of this year.

However, in the list of highest broadband speeds, Monaco, Singapore, SAR, Thai, Romania, South Korea, Swiss, DEN, and Liechtenstein, and Chile are the top countries. Romania has maintained its 5th ranking for the last 3 years. Singapore was providing the highest internet speed for the last two years, but its ranking has gone down from 1st to 2nd in 2021. Denmark has also improved its broadband speed a lot and it has come up in the top 10 list for the first time during this year. However, there is no name of the United States in this list too during 2021. This data is based on the average download speed of the internet.
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