LinkedIn announces the sunset of its stories feature

Snapchat was the first social network that introduced the story for the first time back in 2013. Later on, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter copied that trend. However, Twitter’s Fleet did not give the fruitful results that it wanted and therefore, it decided to shut down that feature. Now LinkedIn is following the step of Twitter, as it is confiscating the story feature at the end of September 2021 which it publicly rolled out during the prior year, according to the statement of the Senior Director, Liz Li.

LinkedIn tested the Stories features in early 2018 in the shape of a student’s voice. One of the reasons for abandoning this project is that the platform has found out that its users do not want the vanishing video feature after 24 hours. Rather people want to make the eternal type of videos that can present their stories in a more specialized and personal way and that also demonstrate their character and skill. However, this cessation can be an indication of a major pullback from the ephemeral video on social networks.

The platform has also sent a notification to the page administration that it is suspending the Stories in the current design and it will further work on the new ways that better support the needs of professional users. The page admin will not be able to post the story and people will also not be able to view such stories on LinkedIn. The important learnings from its project and the feedback of the people depict that they need their stories-type content to live outside the twenty-four window, and that can be accessible on their profile. Further, people require some inspired tools to make appealing videos on the platform.

It is not a big surprise that the stories option of the platform has not gone in the right way. Many experiments of the social platforms are still worth even after their failure as LinkedIn can now understand that it has to focus on such elements that can grab the engagement of users.

Liz Li has also stated that the platform currently testing reimagined video practice that is better-off and extra conversational. The platform will emphasize the key points of users in the upcoming project that will be developed in the replacement of the stories feature. However, the platform has now unveiled any details about that project. It is assumed that the platform will develop more video tools so that users can present their insight, proficiency in an engaging way.

LinkedIn has finally learned that blindly following trends does not always yield positive resultsPhoto Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images
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