How Professionals are Making the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has actually been around longer than Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media sites. But it is only recently that it has become very popular. To date, LinkedIn has more than 700 million members in more than 200 countries around the world. Therefore, if you are a part of this growing professional network, you will have access to unlimited job opportunities and professional connections worldwide.

Indeed, LinkedIn is an important part of being a professional these days, regardless of your industry. From maintaining a personal brand to B2B marketing, here’s how professionals are making the most of LinkedIn.

Personal Branding when Applying for Jobs

Personal branding refers to how you present or package your professional skills to attract potential employers in your field of profession. It's all about the professional image you wanted to project about yourself and how you want to position yourself in the market. Above all, personal branding is also about managing the way employers see you both offline and online. Now, the question is, how can you leverage your brand to monetize your expertise and attract more opportunities on LinkedIn?

First, search and follow brands on LinkedIn that would be relevant to your profession. For instance, if you are in the travel recruitment field, connect with travel companies and follow their profile. Utilize every possible opportunity to market yourself. Review your profile and attach a cover image that is a perfect representation of yourself. Review the language and style of your CV for LinkedIn and make sure that it's in accordance with your professional brand.

Now, it's time to engage with those companies that you wanted to notice you. Like or comment on their status, posts, and photos. Connect with their employees and share relevant articles in your feed. If you have the time, you can even write a blog about yourself. The goal is to be vocal and stand out in the crowd to make your presence known. Remember, there are thousands of companies that are silently trawling LinkedIn to search for potential talents. So, make the most of your profile, build your brand, and establish connections.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

LinkedIn has recently included a "Volunteer Experience" section on their platform, allowing companies to connect with others in their industry through ethics and values and charity work. One such company is VetFinders, a specialist vet recruitment business with a social mission. If you're looking to highlight your social work in the community and connect with others, then make the most of your account on LinkedIn.

Volunteering and social work are some of the best ways to support the local community while bringing potential clients into the business. VetFinders, for instance, is a recruitment company that aims to give back to the community by working with several charities and organizations. But it is not only companies or organizations that can benefit from LinkedIn’s volunteer experience. For individual professionals, adding volunteer work into your LinkedIn profile is one way to make potential employers get a closer look into who you are and what matters most to you, especially if your social work relates to your industry or profession. If you are only starting in your career, adding a volunteer section can help make your LinkedIn profile stand out even more.

Social responsibility can benefit the company in many ways. First, it helps to paint a good picture for the general public and the media. Most customers would prefer to support companies that take interest in social issues instead of only focusing on profit margins. Companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programs donate financial resources towards different causes and inspire others to volunteer at charities and non-profit organizations. Promoting social responsibility within the workplace can also help build a positive work environment and boost confidence among the employees.

If you are a professional involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, you can take advantage of LinkedIn in many ways. LinkedIn can be a great tool to discover inside connections to organizations, people, and community partners. It extends and strengthens existing relationships with trusted organizations and offers a means to engage with other professionals. Additionally, LinkedIn can be a gateway to meeting new people who might be interested in charity work.

Business to Business Marketing

B2B or business-to-business marketing is the ability to market different products and services to various organizations and businesses. To reach out to potential clients, marketers have to run multiple campaigns on various social media platforms. Sometimes, this can be challenging due to the changing algorithms that these platforms implement. When it comes to this, LinkedIn can help.

LinkedIn stands out in the B2B marketing sphere because people use it differently compared to other social network platforms. For instance, most people who spend plenty of time on LinkedIn are looking to improve their professional careers. By providing the resources that these professionals need, you are more likely to become successful as a B2B marketer. In fact, there is evidence that can back this up. According to research, 80% of most B2B leads came from LinkedIn. It is because of this why most B2B marketers use LinkedIn in engaging potential clients.

So, how can B2B marketers make the most of LinkedIn to generate sales? Running a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn requires having a strategy. By coming up with an effective strategy, your marketing endeavors will stay on point. But regardless of the strategy that you will use, you should only use LinkedIn to engage prospective clients using content relevant to them. There are many ways to do this, but the most effective method is to post compelling posts or articles.

LinkedIn is considered the largest professional networking site in the world. So, make the most of this platform by building connections in your field of industry and staying in touch with previous clients, employers, and colleagues. It's a valuable tool for all professionals, especially those who are looking for job opportunities. By making the most of LinkedIn, you can increase the visibility of your personal brand and enhance your professional career.
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