China is leading the world in the eCommerce industry and is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years

As the world has progressed forward one thing that has drastically changed is the way people trade or shop. While physical shopping has its own charm and it is fun to go out and buy something first hand, the recent times of the pandemic has changed the way of our lives and most of us have moved to online shopping.

Ecommerce business has drastically expanded throughout the globe but one country that has definitely taken the lead in this field is China.

China is known to make the best products which are very easy to use and they are not just limited to one aspect. China produces everything, ranging from kitchen utensils to your everyday use products.

Statista Digital Market Outlook, surveyed and formed a report which showed that China has become the best and the most leading market in the ecommerce industry throughout the globe.

The statistics show that 1.3 trillion dollars of eCommerce sales were made in China this year and the number is nowhere near stopping. The country is expected to increase their ecommerce sales even more in the coming years and the data showed that China will make 2 trillion dollars till 2025, which is an amazing increase. This will mean by 2025, China will be bringing one dollar every minute within their country by selling e commerce products and this shows the growth China has maintained a country.

Apart from this, Asia is the leading continent in the ecommerce industry and though China plays a big part in this, other countries within Asia have also played a vital role.

However, Europe and Northern American side of the continents are expected to show only a seven percent increase in the next five years and will raise from the current 35 percent to 42 percent by 2025. The world is at an average of 47 percent so these two continents being currently at 35 and only rising up to 42 percent in the coming years show how poor the ecommerce industry is there.

The ecommerce industry while was not very famous in the past, it has grown tremendously in the past few years. It has now become so easy for people to shop within the comforts of their houses while scrolling through products online and buying them at a click of a button. The ecommerce industry has a great future and we cannot wait to see what the coming years will bring.

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